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iSocialCare - Integrated Care Management

i-SocialCare is a suite of residential care home software developed in consultation with care home manager and local authority input.

Updated 21 March 2012

Tracking Lot Genealogy in Oracle without Noetix

Using Noetix works ok on a single lot, but performance issues arise when its part of a query for many lots. So its back to the Oracle tables.

Updated 21 March 2012

Noetix consultancy, customisation and implementation

Discover how Spis Tech Ltd can help you with your Noetix Implementations

Updated 05 December 2011

Tracking Lot Genealogy in Oracle with Noetix

Lot Genealogy in oracle Process Manufacturing provides the ability to track the progress of a lot through its life to the point where it becomes a finished good and is sold to a customer.

Updated 31 October 2011

What sort of company benefits from better data storage and access?

What sort of company doesn't? Spis Tech Ltd can make your data more accessible, more meaningful and more effective. Read more about our Services.

Updated 28 October 2011


SPIS Tech Ltd is an IT solutions company based in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, with clients across England and Wales.

We design, develop and deploy bespoke software systems to store your business-critical data. Every large company accumulates and accesses a vast amount of information; information on your customers and clients, your business functions and finances, your staff and their needs, your buildings, vehicles and other assets, your stock and sales.

We create the applications, back-end databases and data warehouses that keep all that information secure, and available whenever and wherever you need it. We use leading edge business intelligence and reporting tools which analyse your raw data to generate both operational and strategic reports which give you competitive advantage, the ability to make better business decisions, to manage the business more effectively on a day to day basis, and to meet your business goals.

And we don't just build new systems from scratch, we manage data migration from and integration with legacy databases and warehouses. We make your data work for you.

What sort of company benefits from better data storage and access?

What sort of company doesn’t? Spis Tech has extensive, specialist experience of building and supporting internet-based and internal applications and databases, data warehouses and business reporting structures for all sorts of business. Our clients include public sector bodies such as local authorities and third sector charities. We’ve also made a substantial financial, efficiency and competitive difference to a range of commercial companies specialising in everything from fleet management, to IT distribution and logistics, but particularly in the complex and sensitive area of pharmaceuticals.

So contact us now to take back control of your data and put some distance between your company and your rivals.

What sort of technical environment do we develop and work with?

We’re Oracle, SQLServer and MySQL database and application experts. We design, build, migrate and integrate data storage software accessed through cloud computing or hosted within your own information architecture, and use the best software, including SAP Business Objects and NoetixViews, to make that data meaningful.

Here's a comprehensive list of our technical skills and the technical environments we specialise in.


  • Oracle E-Business Suite R11 & R12 (CRM/AR/AP/GL/PO/OM/HR/INV/Workflow)
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Discrete Manufacturing, Inventory and OPM (Cost Management, Formulator, Process Execution, Logistics, Product Development, Quality Management)
  • Oracle RDBMS 7/8/9/11i
  • Oracle Developer 2000/4.5-6i, Designer 2000/6i, Reports 2.5–6i
  • Oracle Discoverer – Administrator 4.1, Desktop/Viewer/Plus
  • Oracle PORTAL – development and import/export (including Javascript)
  • Oracle Workflow Builder 2.6
  • Oracle Concurrent Manager (some Unix scripting)
  • SQLLDR (Oracle SQL*Loader)
  • SQL, SQL*Plus, PL/SQL, TOAD, SqlDeveloper


  • NoetixViews
  • SAP Business Objects XI 3.1 (Designer, DeskI & WebI Rich Client)
  • SQL Server TSQL
  • MICROSOFT Reporting Services (SSRS) V3.0


  • (X)HTML, CSS and Javascript (including AJAX) for standards based web design
  • PHP and MySQL
  • ASP and Oracle
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • XML (incl Oracle XML Objects)

Noetix – insight into Oracle

We don’t just design and build Oracle applications and databases. We’re experts in the latest business intelligence and Oracle Enterprise Applications reporting software. We’re also one of the few NoetixViews specialists in the UK. What does that mean to you? In simple terms, our Noetix software implementations allow your people – not your IT staff and not ours – to readily create, change and produce all sorts of data reports from an Oracle database or data warehouse without any IT help required.

Comprehensive, faster and more flexible access, in real time, to hard data and business insight frees up time, cuts report development expense by up to 70%, reduces long-term IT support costs, increases understanding and gives you the competitive edge.

Find out more or contact us now to discuss in detail.

Spis Tech provide Oracle E-Business, Application and Database Consultancy with expertise in NoetixViews, Microsoft Reporting Services, SAP Business Objects and web technologies.

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