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iSocialCare - Integrated Care Management

i-SocialCare is a suite of residential care home software developed in consultation with care home manager and local authority input.

Updated 21 March 2012

Tracking Lot Genealogy in Oracle without Noetix

Using Noetix works ok on a single lot, but performance issues arise when its part of a query for many lots. So its back to the Oracle tables.

Updated 21 March 2012

Noetix consultancy, customisation and implementation

Discover how Spis Tech Ltd can help you with your Noetix Implementations

Updated 05 December 2011

Tracking Lot Genealogy in Oracle with Noetix

Lot Genealogy in oracle Process Manufacturing provides the ability to track the progress of a lot through its life to the point where it becomes a finished good and is sold to a customer.

Updated 31 October 2011

What sort of company benefits from better data storage and access?

What sort of company doesn't? Spis Tech Ltd can make your data more accessible, more meaningful and more effective. Read more about our Services.

Updated 28 October 2011

Noetix consultancy, customisation and implementation

Issued 05 December 2011 Steve Ritchie 

Discover how Spis Tech Ltd can help you with your Noetix Implementations

Spis Tech specialises in data. We create, migrate and integrate the databases and data warehouses that handle vast quantities of vital business information, from staff details to financial data to stock, supply and delivery of services. The problem is that no matter how good your data storage solution, your people still need ready access to the information.

That’s where NoetixViews comes in. Noetix Generator automates what’s always been a pretty manual task: creating the data models for business intelligence tools, like Oracle Discoverer and SAP Business Objects, which can develop detailed reports through Oracle’s incredibly powerful, but extremely complex, E-Business Suite. NoetixViews then creates easily recognisable and customisable views of the information, and from there anyone – business users, not just IT professionals – can create operational reports on the fly, using real-time information. Automatically generated business views and graphical visualisation of application data, custom-built for your specific needs, and more than a thousand ready-made reports. It’s arguably the best business intelligence bridge for Oracle E-Business Suite available in the world today. Spis Tech is one of the few UK specialists in Noetix, and we’ve shaped the data warehousing and reporting processes for some of the UK’s most data-intensive companies.

Speeding up business intelligence

With Noetix, just the setting-up of business intelligence applications becomes tangibly faster too. Business Objects and Oracle Discoverer can analyse vast quantities of data stored in your data warehouse, but deploying these reporting tools isn’t as quick as it could be. Noetix cuts the manpower and cost required by speeding the BI set-up significantly.

And it’s incredibly secure. Permissions are defined down to row-level, so your users see only the data their assigned privileges allow. Even when updates to E-Business Suite are being introduced, NoetixViews protects all existing reports and keeps them running – that’s a unique development. No more frustrating lack of access to the data that your company relies upon.

Few things are more important to a business than instant access to information. NoetixViews gives users throughout your organisation a greater understanding, allowing them to perform their roles more effectively and efficiently. And on those rare occasions when your users need help post-implementation, we’re there for you.

Contact us now to discuss the way Spis Tech can tailor Noetix software to make your company faster and more agile.

Spis Tech provide Oracle E-Business, Application and Database Consultancy with expertise in NoetixViews, Microsoft Reporting Services, SAP Business Objects and web technologies.

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