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iSocialCare - Integrated Care Management

i-SocialCare is a suite of residential care home software developed in consultation with care home manager and local authority input.

Updated 21 March 2012

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Updated 21 March 2012

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Updated 05 December 2011

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Updated 31 October 2011

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Updated 28 October 2011

iSocialCare - Integrated Care Management


i-SocialCare is a suite of residential care home software developed in consultation with care home manager and local authority input.

What’s the most important part of managing a nursing home, day care centre or any other residential or respite facility? Making life as comfortable and stress-free as possible for the people in your care.

We think care home managers should be able to spend less time worrying about logistics, finances and room booking, and more time doing the things that really matter. i-SocialCare gives you back control of your time and combats under-occupancy.

i-SocialCare handles all the behind-the-scenes data storage and management needed to run day or residential care services. The suite consists of five modules: CRM, Booking Engine, Assessment Control and Business Intelligence and Reporting.


The i-SocialCare CRM module lets you track every aspect of customer and supplier interaction. Available either as a standalone system or integrated with the full i-SocialCare suite or your existing systems, you can use the CRM module to record all service user relations, needs assessments, GP data, financial assessments and critical care information.

Booking engine

This is the module that started it all. It’s room booking and facilities scheduling software for assisted living companies, day centres, respite centres and any residential care home – and the local authorities and private care home companies that manage them.

No more double-booking, no more making do with Excel spreadsheets, no more manual forms. Our bed booking module doesn’t just allow you to book rooms by the month, week, day, or even minute – it helps you manage waiting lists and find the right room, in the right location, with all the right facilities. Featuring a full booking workflow and booking calendar, it also supports all admin tasks, including generating PDF booking confirmation letters and invoices.


Our financials module ensures you can run a cost-effective care home. Define the running costs for each entity – by room, facility and timeframe. Export data to Excel, or we can customise a format to suit your external systems. Generate invoices, record and view payments, generate statements and allow credit notes to ensure invoice accuracy. There’s even the option for a full general ledger.

Assessment control

The i-SocialCare assessment control module lets you score and track all the key needs and financial data necessary to identify correct care levels, funding and charges.

Fully adjustable question and answer scoring system parameters allow you to modify needs assessments and financial assessments as required, and all data is then analysed, stored securely, and available to review, print and assign to the customer or service user account once they’re accepted into your care system.

Business intelligence and reporting

Our business intelligence module gives local authorities and care home companies strategic control of their assets, financial planning, care worker recruitment and supplier management.

You can view dashboards displaying financial data, care home and room performance comparisons, league tables by occupancy percentage and trends analysis – all in easy-to-understand pie charts and bar charts. Export your customised reports to Excel – or any other spreadsheet software - or print to PDF. You can even generate data quality and integrity reports to show missing information such as booking documents or supplier details.

With total residential home overview and insight at your fingertips, you’re in a far better position to plan for the future, address low occupancy levels, make financial projections and manage your supply chain.

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